Common questions


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How do I know if the therapist is qualified/ experienced?

Chasing Rainbows Speech & Language Therapists’ credentials are available on the website.  We are registered with the Irish Association of Speech & Language Therapists(IASLT) the professional body in Ireland and CORU, the regulator for Health & Social Care Professionals. You can check the register at

Why do online private assessment and therapy?

Waiting times for public service for assessment, diagnosis and intervention are generally lengthy. Early intervention is advisable. We can offer you the appropriate intervention which may include offering advice, coaching/training, setting goals and/or direct speech and language therapy while you are waiting on your local public service provider. We can also provide therapy to supplement your public service input and/or when there are gaps or breaks in service. 

Given the current covid-19 pandemic, online therapy is a great effective and evidence-based alternative.


What is the assessment process?

When you click  ‘book online’,  you will be asked to fill in a client referral form. At your initial online consultation, a full case history will be taken and an informal or formal assessment will be carried out. Assessment may require a second session.

How long will my child need telepractice for?

Your child’s therapist will have a clearer idea after the first consultation and assessment. It varies greatly depending on the severity of your child’s speech and language, your child’s age, the rate of progress. You may opt for weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions. Your therapist will advise you of the best option.

Can I claim back through my health insurance for online telepractice sessions?

The major health providers are recognizing telepractice as it is evidence based to be equally as effective. Do check with your provider regarding their policy.